Often we talk about how to improve your mental performance or physique through specific methods like exercise and diet. The best way to achieve the body (or brain) that you are striving for is to make sure all of your habits are focused on these goals. However, sometimes visiting the gym and eating right isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to do a little bit more in order to get the results that you dream of.

One of the things that many trainers and physique coaches have transitioned to is called banting, which is a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. It is named after a man with the last name banting, but is currently used as a term for increasing the total fat content in your diet and reducing carbohydrates. Wondering why? Well, you see…

Fat Doesn’t Make you Fat

Even though the sugar industry has made a lot of money by convincing people that fat is unhealthy and can cause poor health, this isn’t really the case. Anything in too high of a quantity can cause health problems, but in general having a banting diet is your best bet for a multitude of reasons. The biggest attraction of banting is weight loss, which is no surprise given the millions of people working out in order to achieve their best results.

The truth is, fat doesn’t make you fat. It is eating excessive carbohydrates that causes the biggest concern and it is important to find alternatives that taste good. Some people find banting diet options online that can help them to enjoy their experience dieting, but still keep them healthy. Some banting recipes with mince are prized by people who enjoy the food that they eat and don’t want to give that up.

The best way to stay on any kind of diet (including a banting style diet) is to make sure it is sustainable and something that you can maintain over time. Any long-term diet will be healthier for you than going back and forth between overweight and healthy. With the right recipes, a banting diet can not only taste great, but also make you feel great.